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Ten Reasons to Keep Drinking (Water!)

1. Jump start your body.

2, Avoid constipation.

3. Help nutrient absorption.

4. Make the medicine go down.

5. Moisturize your skin.

6. Flush your system.

7. Avoid muscle cramps.

8. Prevent kidney stones.

9. Avoid dehydration.

10. Be overall healthier and keep well.


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The amazing benefits of boot camp workouts


Building muscle mass may prevent Type 2 Diabetes


Reasons to add strength training to your workouts





Ballard News Tribune

See the article about Aeron's NBC:

"We are exercising"



Staying Active with your Kids, so you Both can Benefit!


I wanted to share one tid-bit about children. Kids need about *1 hour of exercise per day* to maintain good health and fitness as their bodies grow.


On days when it's not raining kids can play at the park (the new climber at Golden Gardens is awesome, if you have not tried it yet you must go there), take a bike/scooter ride, play soccer and other sports. There are also indoor climbing gyms, the Zoomazium at the zoo, places like High Sky Sports (trampoline arena in Bellevue), the Seattle Gymnastics Academy has programs as well.


The other component of maintaining good health for kids is what they eat. This can be a challenge as we all know, especially if they are picky eaters (like mine).


Below is an article about ways of helping to keep our kids healthy and fit as it relates to the foods we eat and exercise. hildhood-obesity.aspx?xid=nl_EverydayHealthChildrensHealth_20111001


Tips to Lose Belly Fat


No matter how many twists, side-bends or crunches you do, you will not shred belly fat. You need a well-rounded exercise program that includes cardio and strength training to shrink your belly.

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If you can't do a single pull-up, there could be a valid reason...and it's not YOU!

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